Sunday, September 19, 2021

Anti-Human Dvaitha Sidhantha: The Philosophy Responsible for Future Violence in Tamilnadu

 Hello World,

For many years this idea of brahmins being hated is floating in our society and it is usually assumed that the said state is a result of political propaganda. Have you ever wondered if there could be a reason why such anti-brahmin hatred could even materialize in the first place?

Listen to the Tamil discussion above if you prefer that mode but if not, read along.

Here are the evidences that I have come across so far:

If you have gone through the evidences and still do not agree the reason for the anti-brahmin hatred, you will get another chance to reconsider your opinion when large scale violence breaks out in Tamilnadu, say in the next 10-15 years. Please do not expect mercy for Mylapore at that point as we would have a reached a point of no return and all we can do is push through and face the consequences. I am not happy about this but as a human who cares for the welfare of my fellow humans, you've been warned.

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