Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hello World,
       Long time no see. Here I am typing my state of stirred-up confusion on the fact that in the past few years, a lot of smart-phones have captured people's hearts.........and possibly their wallets, time and the very style of carrying their phone in public. It is obvious that I do not own a smart-phone....because I don't need a smart-phone.
        The world went gaga with the release of the first I-Phone in stores on June 29, 2007. A 30-month long project costing a whopping US$150 million just for the development of the device finally made it through. With the unveiling of Android distribution on November 5, 2007 the open source reply to the high-end mobile phone era began..rather slow but definitely big with 79 companies teaming up to contribute to the latest digital spell.
        New technology, new gadgets, new fashion statement......that is what the world still believes as it embraces the smart-phone era that hardly contributed to the fundamental role of make phone-calls. People take pride in owning one of these smart-devices simply because they can browse the internet on their a user friendly way that takes weeks to get trained in. Has the 3G-4G miracle really influenced the way people use their phone? Definitely, now the phones are more used to explain how cool an "app" is while putting an innocent caller on stand-by. That is the trend. Email in one touch. Pictures sent in a seconds. Prompts from social media websites popping up on their own. Calling is not an option. It just is not. The exception is only when it is required to respond vocally to a status message on facebook. 
         I used to believe that the smart-phone owners, all over the world intend to show-off their cool devices wherever they go as these devices make a style statement. But I am wrong about my belief. My observation tells me that all the smart-phones are made so bulky that it is impossible to have these "Advanced-Technology Burden" in the pockets for a long period. Just to relieve oneself of the stress of the device inside the jeans pocket, everyone takes it out, give it a glance and start talking to the person next to them with the smart-phone still in their hand. This is just instinctive and instantaneous. You need to be a normal-phone user to observe and understand this.
          I have a lot of questions to ask. To begin with..... every time you sit in front of your lap-top with your smart-phone right next to it on the desk, do you really think you made a right decision to purchase the smart-phone? I agree to the fact that everyone has the right to choose or not to embrace the evolving technology know what? Calling is still calling....Just because you upgrade to the next G in the smart-phone....your calling experience is not going to change...not a bit. The person at the other end hears your voice just the same way as your voice sounds in any generic old-school mobile phone. It is true you have internet access wherever you go if you own a smart-phone but the question is "How better has the world changed since you started responding to emails from your smart-phone?" Besides, with so much internet activity on the phone, how long does the battery support the smart-phone? Do you have an "app" that reminds you of your internet addiction that has led to the purchase of a smart-phone? How would you categorize a person who would buy a product for features that are no way related to the actual function of the product?
           The smart phones have definitely made a solid representation of the success of modern technology and the art of marketing. Modern technology for bringing the internet to the phone and The Art of Marketing for making all the smart-phone owners believe that they have a need for one. One must not ignore the "app-store" business and the 2-year contract-trap..........individuals who are smart enough to figure-out hidden catches in day-to-day life knowingly succumbed to these....simply because they wanted the smart-phone....even now the smart-phone owners are gearing up to pick their choice of network and possibly an upgrade of their device because the latest news says new carriers have stepped up to get the best out of the world-wide smart-phone addiction. The smart-phone manufacturers and telephone carriers have earned a lot of money working together and they did that in style. Teamwork always wins. If there are aliens out there...I am sure they would be joking among each other through telepathy, mentally laughing at the fact that we creatures would go to great lengths to create an impression on others but never understand the concept of expression.

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  1. Good one dude !
    As far as I can say, yes the smartphone is an addiction and you are tempted to check/refresh your email, facebook and whatnot just because you can.

    That said, I surely believe that responding or at least getting your email promptly when you are away from a laptop does make a difference. When you are stuck somewhere while traveling, the smartphone does help. I remember a trip to jackson where Ankit's car had a flat tire and Walmart's auto was just about to close. I had the only smartphone with internet back then and we looked up walmart and called ahead and asked them to wait. Just an example though. I have received emails on my phone about abstract submission deadlines while I was away from work and I was able to make it in time just because of email access.

    Other than that, most of the time, the smartphone sure is a toy that distracts from the real world.



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