Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hello World,
            I drove to Tuscaloosa with a good friend of mine. Although we had purpose for the trip, I took my Sony A-230 with me, hoping to get a few shots of the Tornado-hit Tuscaloosa. I drove expecting to find fallen trees and broken lights but the sight of the tornado-ravaged Tuscaloosa, even almost a month after the natural disaster, was absolutely heart-stopping. Looking at the kind of the damage the tornadoes did, I can assertively say that those who were in the vicinity of the tornado hit areas of Tuscaloosa at the time of the disaster had no chance of surviving it.
           Shattered homes, their walls torn apart, roofs ripped off, trees fallen on them is what that remains there now. The streets are strewn with the things those homes safely held prior to the disaster. After a brief walk through the tornado-hit neighborhood, I captured some of the damages with my camera and as I was taking the pictures, I felt like the most luckiest human being on planet. I have no idea what would have happened to me if the Tornado had passed through where I live.This photo-shoot has made an impact on my mind for this is the first time I ever visited a natural disaster site. I don't know much but "climate change" definitely means a lot more to me now, than it ever did.
         Help is pouring in from all directions to help the rehabilitation efforts in Tuscaloosa. I think, to be informed is one way of getting started with contributing to the rehabilitation efforts. Here are some of the pictures I took:

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