Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hello World,

How are you doing? Me doing great. I had a little experience tonight and I wish to share that with you.

I was having my favourite Chilly Beef+Beef Fried Rice Combo at my favourite multi-glactic restaurant, which happens to be  a blue-painted rusty old bus (without wheels you see) in my neighbourhood.

I was half way through my Beefy Treat when I realised I was standing in front of a Pizza Hut delivery bike with the iconic PHD symbol on it.

I started wondering as to why it is standing in front of the rather ordinary looking multi-galactic restaurant. The delivery person, apparently was there to have his dinner. He was dressed in his black uniform waiting to get his order.

I went up to him and asked him if he works with Pizza Hut and why he was there for dinner, when he himself worked at a famous restaurant.

He replied, his employer does not provide food to any of their employees. The full-time staff get Rs.800 per month for food allowance and the part-time employees don't get anything other than their pay check.

I was amazed. I have known and still continue to know people who are in the restaurant/hospitality industry and one thing they always never bother is their own meals since their respective employers provide them with meals during work-days. Some established hotels even have dedicated staff-kitchen.

So PIZZA-HUT is not providing food to its employees here in Chennai I suppose. The PHD Delivery Person said, if the respective managers feel like helping their subordinates out, then may be these guys will get a slice or two.


Here in Chennai, one large pizza with say 3 toppings and a side+soda will cost around Rs.750 and Pizza Hut gives Rs.800 for its full-time employees for food (monthly allowance). The part-time employees don't get even that!!! I guess, when you work part-time, your stomach goes out of operation.

I guess Pizza Hut hasn't realised, it MAKES MONEY OUT OF FREAKIN FOOD!!!!!

The place where I enjoy my Chilly Beef and Beef Rice is (not to undermine it in anyway) a dilapidated bus without wheels. There is no roof for the guests to sit under and only a few guests get the plastic stools. The rest of us stand and enjoy the 'Intergalactic Flavor' they offer while not noticing the rather unhygienic surroundings. SUCH A SMALL BUSINESS THAT CHARGES RS.60 PER PLATE PROVIDES FOOD TO ITS EMPLOYEES. Now that's commitment towards employee welfare. It is not much but the employees get to eat something before get off their work-shift.

Pizza Hut, your eyes may be covered with rising profits at the moment but you don't deserve any of it.  

If you can't serve your own employees with your food, how the @#$! are you going to serve us with quality food? Maybe your employees are saving themselves from food-poisoning by eating out.

I don't care much since I don't remember the last time I bought Pizza-Hut's products. To me, here in Chennai, if the Pizza-Logo is Red & Black, the food is trash and if the logo is Blue & Red, the food is covered with molten plastic. Both are worse in terms of taste in their proprietary directions. ;)

There is this Tuscana place where me and my buddies enjoyed amazing pizzas.

Established businesses not taking care of its employees may be considered ordinary now but very soon, this state will bubble out and explode and when it does, it will get ugly.

Catch you soon with a something more interesting next time. I had to bring this out just to be fair to that Pizza Hut Delivery Person who respectfully defended his employer in spite of sadness deep down inside. He did not give his employer up but his eyes clearly told, he is craving for a slice of Pizza.....and PIZZA-THE-@#$%-HUT is not capable of feeding such kind humans who work with it.

When will we ever learn?

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