Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hello World,

I have reason to believe, West Indies has been fixed to win today’s t20 world cup. Also very soon, at least one key international tournament will be hosted by West Indies, featuring some top teams in international cricket.

I might be 70% right or 100% wrong with this claim, but I wish to stay connected with my rationale behind this belief. So for logical reasons, I am writing this post about 150 minutes prior to the start of the finals match. So my prediction will go for a toss as well. My concentration however is not on the outcome of the toss but the coin being used for it. So, let me explain why I think West Indies has been fixed win this tournament.
I recently watched the cricket documentary ‘Death of a Gentleman’ produced and directed by Sam Collins, Jarrod Kimber, Christopher Hird and Johnny Blank.

Among the many questions they raise, one of their observations stands out to me. They have observed events which seem to indicate the wealthy and influential cricket boards bully the not so rich or big boards within the international cricket market. The documentary gently points at West Indies being deliberately neglected as a punishment for their differences with the top dog cricket boards. The observations include West Indies not being included in many small-scale international tournaments and West Indies not being chosen for key international tournaments. owing to such organised sidelining, West Indies cricket had been facing troubles such as reduced funding for the development of the sport often on the grounds of no commercial opportunities within the grasp the West Indies cricket board.

All of a sudden, although I stay so far away from the televised cricketing drama, I have been noticing West Indies cricket team and cricketers being extensively publicised. If one were to pick the top 10 most happening cricketers, the list will feature West Indies players, most of them within the top 5. Advertisements and music videos have been using West Indian cricketers extensively. IPL advertisements sport them as the top entertainers. 

Now, I see West Indies in the final game of an international tournament. 

Therefore, I believe, West Indies is fixed to win this tournament and moving forward, key international cricket events will be held at West Indies. They seem to have agreed to the terms of the Big Three of international cricket or may be it is just their turn to enjoy some of the cricketing revenue. 

On a different note, thanks to the team that gave us the cricket documentary ‘Death of a Gentleman.’ It is that documentary that I use as the basis for my prediction, which, if I am not wrong, most of the audience already know as a probable outcome. For some weird reason, ordering this movie online was challenging for me and I had to order from a UK site. This might just be a case of e-commerce choices of the sellers but for some unknown reason, I wasn't able to make a paid download of this movie. I did order and receive the DVD which I watched with little amusement and a great satisfaction. [Someone, finally, had the courage to indicate the presence of ulterior financial motives behind what we watch as legitimate cricket matches on TV]

Televised cricket is sports entertainment. Let me know if my prediction is proved wrong. We never know how the betting scene fixes the outcomes of cricket matches.

West Indies women team has won the world cup. Now it is the men's team's turn to win the T20 world cup. Like I said, it's West Indies turn to gain prominence and host upcoming cricketing events.

Update as of 5th April, 2016:

As predicted, the West Indies team won the T20 world cup final. This is not the surprising fact.

How come two world cup finals were scheduled on the same day and the same country's team wins both the world cups. Also in June, a tri-nation series featuring South Africa, Australia and West Indies is scheduled to be held in West Indies. 

Right before the host nation gears for up for a big event, their team wins two major events on the same day. 

If this doesn't ring any bell, nothing will.

This is why I firmly believe, televised cricket is sports entertainment which means the show is made up [in parts or full, depends on many variables].

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  2. The trend of fixing T20 matches is increasing now a days and i think this is not good thing for cricket. Actually, T20 world cup or matches are live cricket event, so it would be more difficult to deceive people


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