Wednesday, July 5, 2017


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This is not Chennai. This image is here because it helps drive the big-city idea in this post.

HPSON’s are rocking out Chennai as we speak! A new demographic covering broader age groups is fast growing in this southern metro!

Chennai, if often classified as a metro where nothing is happening and is considered dull by some who in my view do not understand what Chennai really is. HPSON’s are the new-age Chennaiites who are proving such assumptions wrong, left, right and center. 

You can find a HPSON pretty much every where in Chennai at any given time, day and night doesn’t really matter. Chennai is slowly evolving its own night-life and HPSON’s are adding the real flavour to it. HPSON’s are not only present everywhere, they make their presence felt in astounding ways. 

Their moves, their looks, their confidence! Boy are they an epitome of Chennai’s newfound greatness!

Chennai has long had and is continuing to have a rather conservative culture where we choose not to be loud. But times are changing and so is our great city’s vibe. Now the city is only as cool as its residents and not all of us are ‘In the Trend’ yet. However, just like how every century begins with a single digit score, Chennai’s new identity needs the early adopters to ‘Set the Trend’ and motivate change among the other Chennaiites. Guess who is Chennai’s new trend-setting early adopter group? HPSON’s!!!!! Hands down!!!

The flare of not caring to bother about tricky circumstances, the swiftness in moves, the confident approaches and the charisma they leave behind….HPSON’s have no match and I don’t think they will ever. They can only get new members which they are and HPSON’s are not going to be ignored anymore. In fact, they are becoming famous. People of all ages now want be a HPSON and are trying their best to do so everyday. Eventually, the way I see it, Chennaiites are going to crave to display their HPSON attitude!

So much happening in Chennai right now that a new demographic is demanding the acronym HPSON to be its primary identity.

HPSON stands for nothing but……


In other words,….


These nasty empty-headed nonsensical dinglebangs just hop on the scooter and assume the roads have no other user. They have so much confidence that they don’t realize they are alive because so many fellow road users hit their brakes on time!!!

Idiots of all age groups deliberately avoiding the helmet and riding a scooter are endangering the remainder of the Chennai traffic every second of their near-fatal mad-ride meltdowns they display on Chennai roads. You should look at the way they split lanes, the cuts they make and the turns they do. A blind monkey on PS4 for the first time will display better dexterity, composure and compliance.

Just because they think they can get through the traffic with confidence, HPSON’s put their lives in the best place possible, their earth-shattering fit-for-shit confidence! Not one HPSON realises how far the foot-pedal reaches to their side beyond the handlebar. Never did a HPSON care about their knees popping outside their vehicle dimensions. It’s almost as if they are mutating, and their conversion to X-MEN has begun with the deactivation and eventual evaporation of their brain and nerve cells. 

With such valuable intellectual prowess that dictates neglecting the helmet and intergalactic confidence that demands avoiding the use of indicators and hand signals, this HPSON demographic is fast growing in Chennai, and their mad riding of scooters without wearing a helmet is just around the corner to becoming Chennai’s culture, exemplifying the city’s greatness in directions never imagined by people with live brain cells.

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