Monday, October 11, 2010


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          Gap got a lot of attention from its customers when it released its new logo. It seems that the massive out pour of disagreement from its customers made Gap revert back to its classic blue box logo it had held for over 2 decades now. Marka Hansen released a statement stating that Gap would continue to have its iconic blue box logo. The statement however made a mention that Gap would replace the blue box with a red box for the holiday sale alone.
          This is quite similar to what happened to coke in 1985 when Coca-Cola came up with a new syrup drink formula replacing the old one. Since it involved a change in the product itself along with the brand, it turned out to be a marketing failure. Any established brand will have a strong attachment with its customers who adopt it as a part of their lifestyle. Gap is no exception to that. This massive response to the new logo tells how deep the Gap brand has penetrated into the premium apparel market.
          By reverting back to the old logo Gap definitely saved a lot of trouble and in the process succeeded in confirming the worldwide acceptance of the brand. But change is constant and Gap will evolve, if not now, later. Marka Hansen also pointed out that the timing for the logo change was not appropriate for a possible crowd-sourcing project. May be the next time the senior management decides to make such strategic, permanent changes to the company's brand, it will begin with a timely crowd-sourcing approach and let its customers decide on how they want their favorite brand to be. Gap customers love the brand so much that they have developed an emotional attachment to the brand itself and changing the brand's identity may jeopardize the world's love for the brand.
          A small incident, no losses whatsoever but a great marketing lesson to the entire business world. Creating a brand is difficult, maintaining it is even more complicated. Gap has set everything right now and the day is safe. Gap has demonstrated that it takes a lot of efforts to improve but more guts to take a step forward and check how deep it is. Big brands learn and evolve. So does Gap. Way to go Gap!!!!

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