Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello World!!!

Hey Everyone,
           Finally I decided to become a part of the online version of the human society (let's just waive the social networking sites out of this....we do not get to do what we want there...they are all about options and applications). Blogging sounds more boggling to me and so am I blogging.

          I haven't decided yet what I will be blogging about and that's what makes blogging so interesting to me...the element of randomness. So without wasting time...I will go ahead and get started.

On a very different note [a shameless plug], if you are interested in unique tamil short films, feel free to visit couldn't tolerate the mass masala entertainers anymore and decided I will do my best to produce content with substance. I have a long a way to go as a producer and a start-up founder, but I am glad our journey has begun. I look forward to your support. Each film on our site costs INR 15. Thanks!!!

Have fun,

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